Using Delegation For Time Management As A Manager

Implementing the Use of Delegation for Time Management as a Manager

When a person is handed the role of a management position in the workplace, they are usually bombarded with a large load of new responsibilities. It is a bittersweet experience, to say the least. While you may feel quite proud that you have been promoted to a manager level, you are also quite overwhelmed by the large pile of responsibility that has been placed on your desk. While you are responsible for the success of the projects that you are given, it is important to understand that you do not have to tackle them all by yourself. It is essential to implement the use of delegation for time management as a manager.

One of the top reasons that managers are often caught exceeding deadlines and the quality of the work that they perform is not acceptable is that those managers try to take on everything themselves. However, in order to be reputable for your time management skills and high quality work, it is important that you see delegation as a skill and not as a method of giving up. It is important that you understand that the person over you expects you to delegate some of the responsibility, and take an active role in making certain that the work is completed to end and it meets and/or exceeds the expectations of quality that your boss has for it.

As a manager, you oversee a team of employees. Each of these individuals possesses certain skills, abilities, and talents that allow them to remain within the company. It is important that you identify these things within each of these people. Once you identify who can do what, the qualities that make an individual an asset to the company, and who has the motivation to ensure the deliverance of a quality product, you can begin the process of delegating certain responsibilities.

For example, you may need to develop a tracking system in a call center that details the monitors that the quality assurance department on the customer service representatives each month. You have an employee named Jackie that is quite proficient in Microsoft Excel, takes great pride in delivering her quota each day, and is very serious about deadlines and detail. Then, you have an employee named Jessica that seems to show a high level of interest in her work, but she lacks confidence in her completed monitors. She also misses quite a bit of work.

Naturally, you would delegate the responsibility of creating and maintaining the monitor tracker to Jackie. However, Jessica may be a good candidate for training others. You learn over 90% of what you teach, and being an expert on a subject increases motivation and self-confidence. Furthermore, having to train others is an important task and requires you to be present to do it. This type of delegation would bring out the best in Jessica. It would correct the issue of lack of confidence, attendance, and would develop her professionally.

When implementing the use of delegation for time management, it is important for you to continue to monitor the progress of the tasks that are being taken care of by others. As a manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that everyone is on target and that the tasks are done correctly the first time. By not performing an evaluation of the tasks that you delegate, you are not going to benefit in the area of time management. As a matter of fact, time management methods may actually become damaged over time by having to constantly redo work.





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