Common Time Management Barriers

Exploring Common Time Management Barriers

The person who has the best intentions when it comes to time management may still face common barriers. These barriers are things that result in all of your time management efforts being halted. It is important to be able to identify common time management barriers so that you may successfully overcome them. Here, we will explore some of these common issues. Additionally, we will offer provide some techniques that you can use in order to resolve them.

One of the top common time management barriers are telephones. While the telephone has been proven to be an excellent tool when it comes to methods of communication, it can wreck havoc on your personal schedule. If you receive a lot of unnecessary telephone calls, you may choose to screen your calls in order to avoid the hassle of having your time affected. You may choose to attach a caller identification system and an answering machine in order to appropriately screen and track important calls from others. Once you have your work completed, or the items on your personal planner have been accomplished, you can then take the time to return calls. This is also important when it comes to telephone calls that you receive on a cell phone. When you are busy, screen the numbers that show up. If it is important, take it. If not, let them leave a message.

The second common time management barriers are those unexpected visitors. This may include friends and family members that drop by your home unannounced, your boss and coworkers, or any other person that chooses to infringe upon your time. It is important that you learn to adjust to these types of distractions. Let your friends and family know that you prefer for them to call in advance prior to visiting. You may even choose to set up certain times for visitors. If your boss is constantly interrupting you and disrupting the overall productivity of your work, it is important to set up a meeting with him to discuss this. There are many creative ways that you can deal with those unexpected visitors. While it may not seem possible, there is a way to handle them without being untactful.

The third most common time management barrier is your issue of not being able to object to something. You must learn to turn people down and simply say "no" sometimes. If you are unable to do this, you will find yourself constantly falling behind and never achieving anything at all. While it is common for you to worry about the feelings of others, it is important that those other people know your true feelings on things. If you do not think that you can complete an assignment at work in a week, say no. If you really do not feel up to babysitting this weekend because you have to study for a big exam, say no. It is a simple, yet effective way to keep your time under control.

As you can see, there are many barriers when it comes to time management. The more that you are able to learn about these barriers, the better you will become at managing your time. By using the suggestions listed in this article, you will find that a lot of time becomes available to you.





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